TweetChat: Defining the Customer Lifecycle


customer lifecycleAs consumers and organizations alike venture into new channels such as mobile and social media, the once linear purchase path is breaking into an assortment of touch points that have very little do with marketers. The time has come for marketers to walk away from the traditional marketing funnel and pursue a new approach that is focused on building ongoing relationships with customers – customer lifecycle marketing.

Forrester Research analyst Cory Munchbach explained the importance of the customer lifecycle in a blog post announcing the publication of her report “Embed the Customer Life Cycle Across Marketing” in early 2013.

The customer life cycle involves the entire brand experience and describes an ongoing relationship with customers, making it the only approach that will drive success in the age of the customer.

Join Right On Interactive this Wednesday at 2:00pm EST, as we discuss the importance of defining the customer lifecycle and the value it can bring to an organization. Learn how to deliver the right marketing communication to the right customer at the right time and via the channel of the customer’s choice at any moment. It’s time to put the customer in the center of your marketing efforts!

TweetChat: Defining the Customer Lifecycle

Date: Wednesday, March 5
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