The ROI Top Ten of 2013

top-ten-blue-silver-281x300Another year has come and gone. Tomorrow, we welcome 2014 and initiate new strategies, campaigns, tactics and partnerships. What better way to celebrate the ending of such an action-packed year than by counting down our top ten blog posts of the year determined by you, our readers. Without further ado, here is the ROI Top Ten of 2013.

10. The Orr Fellowship: Building Indy’s Future

Written by ROI client success manager and Orr Fellow, Amanda Jones, this post details the fellowship program’s process and benefits to not only the student, but to companies who participate in the program and the city of Indianapolis as well.

9. Why is Big Data important?

In the spring, ROI dove into the popular topic of “big data” ultimately publishing our second ebook, Surviving Big Data. This post explores why big data is crucial, particularly for B2C organizations.

8. How Big Data Facilitates Lead Scoring

As part of our series on big data, this post by ROI founder and chief technology officer, Amol Dalvi, illustrates how big data integrates and collates various streams of information to provide marketers with meaningful and actionable insights.

7. Finding Balance with Content Marketing

This post asserts less content can be more for today’s B2B customer. It also provides some examples of how B2B marketers can tighten up their content and generate more interest from their audience.

6. Groupon CEO: What His Departure Can Teach Us About Data and Building Customer Relationships

Groupon’s CEO, Andrew Mason, was fired by the company he helped co-found, but it was Mason’s farewell letter to his employees that generated a lot of discussion. Learn why in this March post.

5. Data Modeling: Do the Numbers Match the Theory?

This post, also part of our series on big data, dives into data mining and building an accurate customer profile based upon data, not emotion.

4. Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law

Curious about Canada’s new anti-spam law and how you can be compliant – regardless of where your business is located? Check out this post, one of our more recent ones, to learn how Canada’s tight anti-spam law can [and should] impact the way you communicate with your prospective and current customers.

3. The Path to a More Profitable Website

This post was also part of our big data series and was contributed by guest blogger Gary Galvin of Galvin Technologies. Learn from this pro how to build a website that is profitable for your business… and surprise, it involves data!

2. Increasing Enrollment in Higher Ed

In November, ROI participated in a joint webinar with higher ed digital marketing firm Fathom on “1:1 Messaging Turns Student Consideration into Enrollments.” Our blog post announcing the event presents some interesting data on what prospective students are interested in when it comes to communications from colleges and universities.

1. Trends facing Higher Ed: Affordability

This post offers some valuable insights into how colleges and universities can approach the sensitive topic of affordability without losing the interest of prospective students.

It’s been a fantastic year for all of us at ROI and we look forward to sharing more interesting and valuable content with you in 2014. We wish you a happy and safe New Year and a prosperous 2014!