Top 3 Uses of Marketing Automation for Sales

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The term “marketing automation” typically attracts a marketer who is interested in – guess what – marketing. Do not let the name fool you though; marketing automation has many use cases for the sales team. My three favorites are:

  1. Anonymous and Identified Visitor Reports
  2. Contact Engagement Visibility
  3. Lead and Customer Scoring

1. Anonymous and Identified Visitor Reports

Imagine waking up every morning and having a list of everyone that visited your website in the last 24 hours – with their email address, number of pages they looked at on the site, the specific page URLs and the amount of time spent on each page. That is an Identified Visitor report.

The Anonymous Visitor report does not provide quite as much detail, but is still powerful. Think about the company you have been prospecting for weeks, that has yet to return your phone calls. Now you have the visibility to see when they raise their hand with interest.

marketing automation for sales

3 Best Practices For Identified and Anonymous Visitor Reports

  1. Email the reports automatically from your MAS solution everyday at 7 am.

We had a situation in which a CMO from a Fortune 15 company showed up on our identified visitor report. One of our inside sales team members reached out and was able to schedule an appointment. Six weeks later they were onboarded as a customer. We had no idea this customer had interest in us until we saw them on the Identified visitor report.

  1. Anonymous visitors – A bit more additional research is needed with this report. If you deal with CIOs, look for the CIO at ABC Company on LinkedIn. “LinkIn” with them. When they accept, respond with a non-salesy message to kick-start the relationship. Input their contact information into your CRM.
  2. Identified visitors – these folks took an action. They are a little warmer. If they downloaded a white paper, make a courtesy call. “Do you have any questions?” “Is there any additional information I can provide for you?”

2. Engagement Activity Visibility 

Directly in Pipeliner, sales representatives can see all engagement touch points for both prospects AND customers. Under the contact record in Pipeliner, the Right On Interactive interface displays the following:

  • Emails – opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes
  • Website – pages viewed and time on pages
  • Twitter – direct messages, follows, retweets, mentions
  • Facebook – posts, likes and comments on a page
  • Events – online and in person
  • Forms – each unique download

marketing automation for sales

3 Best Practices For Contact Engagement Visibility

  1. Be relevant, not creepy – There is a fine line that you should not cross. Do not pick up the phone and say, “I noticed you looked at 4 pages of our website and clicked through on 3 emails.”
  2. Do use the information to have a relevant discussion. If they looked at a new product launch email, tell them you are calling to share some information about a new product, instead of calling to “check in”.
  3. Bounced emails – Send to the sales reps in a batch list after a campaign. Create an account in Pipeliner called No Longer There. Utilize an intern to go through the list and look them up on LinkedIn and see where the contact is working today – instant prospect!

3. Lead and Customer Scoring

In both the Contact and Account view of Pipeliner you have the ability to see the Lifecycle stage, profile score and engagement score. Lifecycle stage shows you whether they are a lead, prospect, qualified prospect or customer. Profile score shows how good of a fit the contact or company is to become a brand loyal advocate based on demographic data. Engagement score shows how contacts are interacting with your company and team via email behavior, sales team actions, website visits, and social media responses.

3 Best Practices for Lead and Customer Scoring

  1. Utilize the Right On Interactive section in Pipeliner to see the Lifecycle stage, profile score, and engagement score of each contact and each account.
  2. Measure engagement not activity – Many sales managers focus on the number of “activities” a sales rep has generated. What is more meaningful, the sales rep that had 50 outbound activities with no inbound engagement or the rep that had 25 outbound activities with 30 inbound engagement touches?
  3. Prioritize sales efforts – When a sales rep has a large database, utilize profile and engagement scoring to provide a stack-ranked list of the best prospects and customers that are positioned to buy more from you.

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