Overcoming Email Marketing Roadblocks

Email marketing

Regardless of social media marketing, web and television advertising, review sites and more, email is still one of the most popular ways to engage with prospects and customers. However, two of the biggest challenges with email marketing is keeping them out of the recipient’s spam folder and convincing them to read the message. Many people are still wary of emails sent by marketers, even when they have already opted-in.

So how do we convince people to not only open the email, but hopefully read it and take action? It all starts with relevant content that reaches the prospect at the right time.

There are two ways to deliver relevant content. The first and easiest, is based on information the prospect self-selects when they initially sign up. The second is, by tracking the content they’re engaging with and viewing through the email and viewing through your brand’s website. The second focus is more challenging to do, but delivers much more value and engagement to the subscriber as their interests change and evolve over time.

Fortunately for marketers there are a number of new technologies that can help deliver targeted content. At Right On Interactive we focus on matching the right content with the right prospects, so it continues to educate and inform them about solutions to their specific challenges.

That’s why it’s so important to integrate different communication channels, especially social media. People are more likely to click on an email that relates to content such as a social media page they have already liked. Integration also lets you identify the preferred channel of each lead, leading to a higher open ratio for the email recipients.

Finding success means helping people connect with the content they’re looking for. This means being aware of how a person is interacting with your brand across all marketing channels. Consistency can also help increase responsiveness, no matter how you’re reaching your prospects.