Rules of Customer Attraction

This blog post is the second in a series of four on how customer lifecycle marketing works for marketers and organizations seeking to increase revenue and grow loyal customer relationships.

Last week, I shared a marketing love story to help explain the difference between the traditional marketing approach and customer lifecycle marketing. This week, I’d like to focus on the first step of any romance — attraction.

Marketer meets lead. It’s love at first click… but why? It sounds simple: Win. Keep. Grow. We say it all the time at Right On Interactive — it’s what we do for our clients. But there is one step before “Win” that’s just as important as the rest of the saying, Attract. You can’t win new business if you’re not attracting new prospects.

It’s with this in mind, I’m proud to share the Right On Interactive Rules of Customer Attraction:

Define the ideal customer

You need to fully understand who your ideal or “best fit” customer is before you can begin attracting more customers. By creating a profile of the ideal customer, you can begin to develop profile scoring metrics that help you identify ideal customers faster and earlier in their relationship with your brand.

Offer great content

The first time a potential customer learns about your brand is most likely through a presentation, referral or through an online search for information. Either way, if they are enticed to learn more, they are likely to visit your website. Great content is critical. It’s not enough that someone visited your website, you want them to stay and engage with your interesting and informational content.

Provide an obvious value

Customers need to understand, in very simple terms, what value they can gain from your brand. What problem can you solve? Can you help them reach their goals or meet a previously unmet need? Create a reason (or at least a sense of urgency) for the prospect to do business with you.

Engage the customer

Once you have your prospect’s attention, your goal is to keep it and nurture it into a relationship. Send them relevant communication they have indicated an interest in based upon past behavior. Communicate with them the way they prefer to hear from you, whether it’s via email, over the phone or even in person.

Marketers who are able to execute each of these rules of attraction will find they are attracting more of the right kind of customers, improving customer acquisition rates and setting themselves up for marketing success. However, it doesn’t end there. Stay tuned for my next chapter in this “romance novel,” to learn more about how marketers can improve customer retention with customer lifecycle marketing.