Crunching numbers isn’t glamorous. But, the metrics are what measure success – of campaigns, your business and your own performance.

Reporting and Analysis


That’s why ROI offers robust reporting and analysis capabilities in the ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ solution. Let’s outline a scenario: you’ve been asked by your boss to provide a last minute update to the executive team on year-to-date lead generation performance. Avoid the frantic fire drill that often accompanies this type of request. With ROI’s solution, the results of all of your marketing tactics (for example, email sends) automatically roll up to their associated campaigns. In turn, each campaign rolls up to their associated marketing programs.

ROI reports quickly summarize and graph the key performance indicators. You have the information in hand to compare campaign performance and make strategic decisions to optimize your marketing operations.

With ROI reporting and analysis capabilities, see:

  • Recent contact activity – easily identify your most engaged prospects or most at-risk customers.
  • Contact activity by owner – see contact engagement by sales rep or account owner.
  • Campaign reports provide roll-up response summaries for every tactic, campaign, and marketing program in your hierarchy.
  • Email reports provide all of the email performance tracking results for individual email sends and multiple email tactics.
  • Scheduled email reports – keep everyone informed on marketing performance.
  • Stage trend history – see how your prospects and customers are moving through the customer lifecycle.
  • Graphical dashboards provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators.

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