Sales teams face multiple challenges and are required to meet the biggest demands.

3d lead scoringThe traditional funnel model doesn’t reflect the new reality of where revenue is being generated today. In fact, our CEO and Founder Troy Burk believes that the days of the marketing funnel are numbered. That’s why, in our opinion, marketing automation is relevant and viable in today’s marketplace.

Here is one of the top sales pains that we’ve identified and how marketing automation can help relieve that pain:

Pain: The sales team focuses on the wrong prospects, which leads to:

  • The staff wastes a high percentage of their time (40% on average).
  • Lost revenue through calling the wrong people.
  • Revenue shortfalls lead to reduced numbers lead to sales turnover.

How does marketing automation alleviate this pain?

Lead scoring provides a clear view of each prospect, which enables the sales team to prioritize prospects based on their score. Ultimately, it helps you identify which prospects are the most engaged and the best fists.

ROI takes a different approach to lead scoring,

Profile and engagement scoring can’t always give you information about the relationship. It’s another element entirely that, combined with profile and engagement scoring, creates that singular, 360 degree view you’ve been aching for.

Here’s the breakdown:

3D Scoring = Profile + Engagement + Lifecycle Stage

Lifecycle marketing is at the heart of marketing automation and sales enablement. It fosters the sales process, creates opportunities for marketing to retain customers, and provides clients with valuable resources and relationships. It helps you win new business.

Want to learn more about how marketing automation and sales enablement go hand in hand?

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