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The New Marketing Paradigm

Change is the only constant in today’s world. New paradigms constantly replace old ones and what worked well in the past is either obsolete or on its way to obsolesce. Marketers need to understand this fact and change their strategies and practices accordingly. While almost all marketers have leveraged the advantages offered by technology, such […]

Integrate Data and Analytics for Marketing Efficiency

Marketers depend on analytics to make crucial decisions at all stages of the marketing lifecycle. Analytics become even more important in the age of marketing automation where the system triggers events by itself based on the defined parameters. Conducting analytics requires gathering data on leads and prospects. Many marketers gather data first and worry about […]

Marketing Automation: How Much is Too Much?

Many organizations have taken the automation route to keep pace with the demands of the fast paced environment they operate in. Marketing automation allows organizations to capture, score and nurture leads. However, automation is by no means the magic wand that would make all marketing related hitches disappear. In fact, too much of automation itself […]

The Right Data Can Power Your Marketing Lifecycle

Web analytics has come a long way with the emergence of marketing automation. But analytics is an exercise in futility unless the data makes sense and is put to good use. The challenge is to identify crucial information from all of the mass data available and apply it to increase engagement and move the customers […]