Pandora celebrates the customer journey

Recently I received an email from Pandora, the Internet radio provider, that really caught my attention. In the email, Pandora offered a look back at my “musical journey” and reminded me, “it all started with The Smiths Radio.” Instantly, I was reminded of my first Pandora station, why I chose The Smiths to kick off my customer journey and the other stations I have created since.

Pandora sent the email as part of their birthday celebration,

As we celebrate 8 years of giving listeners like you their favorite music, we want to take you back to where our journey together began.

Come to find out, Pandora has been tracking more than just my first station. The email mentioned the first song I gave a thumbs up to and that I had listened to 1,082 songs in my relationship with the Internet radio provider. Pandora asked that I keep listening and promised to keep playing the music I love.

This is the perfect example of how data, content and timing can all work together to engage customers in a meaningful way. With one email, I immediately felt like Pandora listened to me, understood my likes and dislikes, and wanted to keep me as a customer.

Communicating with your customers throughout their journey with your brand (whether it is through email, phone calls, direct mail, face-to-face meetings, etc…) can remind them why they became your customer in the first place, reaffirming their decision to purchase your goods or services. Lifecycle marketing focuses on the customer journey and through marketing automation, offers customers highly targeted, engaging and appropriately timed communication.

Pandora’s user-focused email admittedly re-engaged me as a listener and caused me to share my experience with you. Will your next campaign cause a similar reaction from your customers?