ExactTarget user?

Learn about ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ for ExactTarget!

As an integrated technology partner of ExactTarget since 2006, the ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ for ExactTarget solution enables marketers to easily score, segment, schedule, trigger, and deploy a series of communications and follow up actions with prospects and customers as they move through the customer lifecycle.

  • Lead Scoring – Configure scoring weights and values for each type of tactic and response – Score Email sends, opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and more!
  • Execute marketing automation campaigns with multiple communication channels, utilizing either the ROI Campaign builder, or the ExactTarget Automation Studio.
  • Visualize where ExactTarget subscribers are in the lifecycle
  • Combine ExactTarget email tracking data with website visitors, sales activity, ecommerce data, webinar/tradeshow attendance, and more to measure customer engagement
  • Foursquare integration – Trigger ExactTarget emails to Foursquare friends upon check-in

The patent-pending technology and methodology behind the ROI Lifecycle Map™ dynamically charts each buyer in the customer lifecycle based on their profile and engagement level in each distinct lifecycle stage. As a result, ROI uniquely enables you to visually identify and act on opportunities to cultivate deeper, more engaged relationships.

ROI complements and leverages your existing investment in ExactTarget. Most businesses operate in an environment where customer data exists in different systems – CRM, call center history logs, point-of-sale databases, order entry systems, and sales databases to name a few. ROI enables marketers to increase the value of their CRM and other sales and marketing systems by integrating with popular systems using our “click-to-connect” technology, and to virtually any other system through our integration services.

ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ for ExactTarget works with all editions of the ExactTarget platform, and is a certified listing on the ExactTarget Nexus Portal.