Want to squeeze more out of your leads? Here are 8 steps.

Action Guide to Lead Management SuccessIn today’s challenging business climate, companies are looking to squeeze more out of their existing leads database. To succeed, marketers must focus on lead management fundamentals that increase sales conversions with fewer resources.

This whitepaper is an action guide for marketers to implement an effective lead management program that will:

  • Send higher quality leads to the sales team;
  • Nurture leads that have the potential for future purchase; and
  • Recycle inactive sales leads

Read more about how these eight steps can help put your marketing lead management program on track to squeeze more out of your valuable leads database.

  1. Clean and Append Audience Data
  2. Establish a Lead Scoring Methodology
  3. Map Audience Segments to Relevant Messaging
  4. Nurture Buyer Relationships
  5. Follow-up Immediately
  6. Reclaim Abandoned Sales Leads
  7. Measure the Right Things
  8. Automate the Lead Management Process

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