Get closer to your CEO through marketing automation

Written by Lisa Dreher and published by BtoBlog on June 26, 2013.

Marketing automation can help you build more effective campaigns that deliver more qualified leads to your sales team, but did you know it could also help you build a stronger relationship with your CEO? This month I spoke with Troy Burk, CEO of Right On Interactive, a marketing automation application provider. He provides a CEO’s view of how marketing automation software can do more than just automate marketing processes.

How can marketing automation actually help marketers build a stronger relationship with their CEOs?

Burk: Start first by understanding what is important to your CEO. Typically there are a number of key areas CEOs put at the top of their list:

  • Company vision and strategy. Where are we going as a company? How are we going to get there?
  • People. Do we have the ability to find and retain the right people? Are we promoting teamwork within the organization? Who is going to get us where we are going?
  • Company culture. A great company culture is critical. Is our company viewed as having a great corporate culture?
  • Capital allocation. For every dollar invested, a measurable return is expected. How are we investing our money, time and resources?
  • Customers. Are we generating new customers? Are we retaining customers and growing them? Are we increasing the lifetime value of our customers?

You want to prove that marketing is having a profound impact on the organization and that marketing can provide some answers to these questions. That’s how to make your CEO take note of the difference marketing is having on the organization.

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Lisa Dreher is VP-marketing and business development with Logicalis Inc. She can be reached at, or via Twitter at @LisaDreher.