This provides a full list of the features and functionality included in each Right On Interactive package.

Features and Functionality
Features and FunctionalityBasicAutomationLifecycle

Content for your marketing programs

Create unlimited Emails and Landing Pages using ROI's industry standard WYSIWIG editor
Personalization, Social sharing links, edit raw HTML, preview Emails and Landing Pages
Media library for storing images, PDFs and other documents
- Up to 25 MB
Email scripting language for selectively displaying certain parts of content in an email
Send unlimited test emails
- Sent, open, click, bounce, unsubscribe tracking for Emails
- Open and click tracking for Landing Pages
- History maintained for 12 months
Create unlimited Forms
Host Forms on ROI Landing Pages on your website
Email, Landing Page and Forms tracking reports with thumbnail preview, graphs and drill downs

Email Deliverability
Because getting to the Inbox is important

CAN-SPAM compliance
- Email opt-out page
- Easily insert Company information for CAN-Spam Compliance
- Reminder warnings if CAN-SPAM compliance information is missing from emails
Manage status of email address
- Bounce management
- Unsubscribe management
- Spam compliant management; feedback loop with major ISPs
- Automatic suppression of unsubscribed, bounced and spam compliant email addresses
- Master suppression list
- Blacklist monitoring of ISPs
- Ensure emails pass DKIM and SPF checks
- Integration with Spam Assassin
ROI Advanced Sender package
- Ability to white-label email headers and email tracking links
- Send emails from a pair of dedicated IPs
- Seed list monitoring
- Integration with Litmus to preview Emails and Landing Pages in various browsers and email clients

$4,000 annual

- Deliverability consulting
- Deliverability review meetings
- On-going monitoring of deliverability

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To power your scoring and marketing programs

Standard Tables to hold Contact, Company, and Activities data
Add custom fields to standard Tablets


Create custom Tablets and custom fields
Import data from flat files one-off and scheduled basis
Export data to flat files on-off and scheduled basis
Build Segments
- Create targeted segments of your data using the easy-to-use Segment Builder
- Apply Inclusion and Exclusion criteria
Advanced Segment Builder
- Use SQL commands to create complex segmentation
FTP or sFTP account hosted by Right On Interactive
Run custom scripts to process custom business rules

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Website Analytics
To understand your buyer's web behaviors

View anonymous visitors to your website

One www domain included

Additional domains or sub-domains $250 annual

Track identified visitors on your website
- Add a few lines of tracking code to convert anonymous visitors in to identified visitors
Daily report of anonymous and identified website visitors emailed to sales team
Hot lead alerts
- Send email alerts to sales team
Web analytics report

To measure the results of your marketing efforts

Sixteen standard reports
- Engagement report, tracking reports, marketing influence, and others
Custom reports

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CRM Integration
- Appexchange package
- Available for Professional edition & up; Group edition with restrictions
- Integration with standard and custom objects
- Import and export data from/to
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Packaged solution
- Integration via flat files data exchange
RealPage OneSite CRM
- Packaged solution
- Integration via API and flat files data exchange
Talisma CRM
- Packaged Solution
- Integration via flat files data exchange
In-house CRM/Other Standard CRM
- Packaged solution
- Integration via flat files data exchange
Customer connector
- Customer integration via APIs

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Marketing Programs
Act on the visibility

Programs, Campaigns, & Tactics
- Create unlimited marketing programs in an easy-to-manage hierarchy
Multi-step lead and customer nurturing
Automatically suppress Contacts that move through the Lifecycle
Send one-off emails
Send automated email notifications
Compare Campaign performance

Social Media Analytics
To understand your buyer's social media behaviors

View activity on your Facebook page, twitter handle and foursquare venue
- One of each included
- Additional $250 annual for each
Generate new leads from Anonymous activity
- Activity by unknown person separated out as Anonymous activity
Search across Facebook, twitter and foursquare activity
Created targeted Segments based on Facebook, twitter and foursquare activity
Daily report of social media activity emailed to sales team
Hot lead alerts
- Send email alerts to sales team
Social media analytics report
- Append social information to Contacts in your ROI account
- Convert anonymous activity to identified activity
- Pay only for matches
- Includes 25,000 matches per month

$2,500 annual

Lifecycle Marketing
Gain visibility in to your marketing data

3D Scoring
Lifecycle Stages
- Create unlimited Stages
Profile Scoring
- Create unlimited Profile Score groups to measure ideal fit
Engagement Scoring
- Score engagement with your brand across nine modalities
Score Index
Interactive Lifecycle Map
Lifecycle Map overlay with Segmentation criteria
- View Lifecycle Map by division, geography or other criteria


Manage account
- View usage, data storage, email send history
Manage Users
- Create users, password management, set permissions
- Additional $250/year/user

Implementation & Account Management

Implementation and basic training
- Provision new account
- Setup users in ROI
- Provision email in ROI
- Setup data integration with CRM
- Setup of Web Analytis in ROI
- Setup identified and Anonymous visitor reports
- Two hour training
- Best practices around data management, data awareness, format of data fields, mapping fields
Campaign implementation and basic training
- Steps to campaign management (planning, audience review, content creation, follow-up stages to engaged responses, reporting needs)
Lifecycle implementation and basic training
- Canned stages based on vertical/business type; methodologies to set profile, engagement
Designated Client Success Manager
Ongoing Account Management Hours101520
Email or Landing Page template

$500 each

Additional service hours


Campaign Management
- Define three canned campaigns, with five drips at $xx. Custom campaign beyond that at $x per hour.
- Campaign Design (set up segments, join with existing emails, QA)
- Campaign Content Design (build my HTML Emails, write copy)
- Campaign Management (performance reporting)
- Campaign Planning (what campaigns should I be running?)
- Custom Reporting Needs

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Lifecycle Marketing
- Includes Data Training package
- Lifecycle stages (deciding on what your stages should be)
- Marketing Discovery (1 to 1.5 meeting)
- Sales Process Discovery (1 to 1.5 meeting)
- Round 1: Proposed staging followed by client validation
- Deliverable: Lifecycle Stage criteria definition document
- Profile Scoring (deciding on what your scoring would be)


ROI Administrator
- Execute data imports and exports, create segmentation, review and adjust scoring, ongoing lifecycle strategy and management

$10,000 annual

Features and FunctionalityBasicAutomationLifecycle