TweetChat: Is the marketing funnel dead?

TweetChatPractically a year ago, Forrester analyst Cory Munchbach wrote a break-up letter on behalf of all chief marketing officers to the “marketing funnel.” Cory broke it to the funnel hard as lifecycle marketing presents a bigger and better opportunity for CMOs to improve marketing efforts. In the letter, she addresses why the funnel is no good for the CMO anymore: “You’re just too linear, and you don’t prioritize the people that matter to me or care about the activities that I know will make me more efficient and relevant. After decades of good-enough, I’ve found someone who puts people first and recognizes how important it is to get to know them, putting loyalty over one-time encounters.”

Our CEO and cofounder, Troy Burk, agrees with Munchbach. In an article published by on July 1, 2013, Troy writes:

The traditional marketing funnel is dead—100%. It’s an outdated way of doing business, and anyone left clinging to it will be left behind.

Join us Wednesday, January 8th at 2:00pm EST for a TweetChat aimed to answer whether or not the marketing funnel is dead (#ROImktg). Ask questions, share your experiences and learn more about the value of lifecycle marketing.

TweetChat: Is the marketing funnel dead?

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 15
Time: 2:00pm EST
Where: #ROImktg

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