Why You Should Automate Marketing Campaigns


For many marketers, gaining new opt-ins to receive email marketing campaigns is a priority and major focus. It’s necessary to constantly grow emails lists as, inevitably, contacts change jobs, email addresses, and unfortunately, unsubscribe. However, once new opt-ins are captured they are more often than not thrown into the middle of a campaign instead of starting it at the beginning, as it was intended.

For example, through a form to download a new infographic, a contact opts-in to receive email communication from a B2B technology company. They receive an email with a link to download the infographic within minutes. The next time they hear from the company, it’s from their monthly newsletter two or three weeks later. Does this build engagement? Does this method of email marketing entice the contact to learn more about the company or is it begging them to unsubscribe because newsletter content is, largely, general and unlikely relevant to most subscribers.

Instead of throwing prospects into the general marketing mix and risking losing them forever, marketers can automate marketing campaigns so opt-ins — no matter when they select to receive communications from a company — can be nurtured through relevant content.

These nurturing campaigns are often called drip or automated email campaigns because they are comprised of a set of emails that are sent out automatically based on a schedule through a marketing automation platform like Right On Interactive’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing software. Emails can be triggered the moment a person opts-in to receive communication or from an action like downloading a white paper, making a purchase, or signing up for a webinar.

To learn how you can automate marketing campaigns and give your customers and contacts the right information at the right time, check out ROI’s Engagement Package and schedule a free demo today.