Beyond the Campaign and into Lifecycle Marketing


In the most recent ROI webinar, Beyond the Campaign: A Lifecycle Approach to Lead to Revenue Management, our founder and CEO Troy Burk along with guest speaker, Forrester Research, Inc. principal analyst, Lori Wizdo spoke on the importance of these three objectives for marketers everywhere:

  1. Drive results from lead-to-revenue investments
  2. Graduate from automated campaigns
  3. Adopt a customer lifecycle marketing strategy

My main takeaway from the webinar is a simple concept — organizations must genuinely nurture in order to grow results. Together, Troy and Lori urged listeners to recognize multi-touch campaigns and nurturing campaigns are not one and the same. Nurturing campaigns require a sophisticated customer lifecycle marketing approach that empowers organizations to know exactly where every prospect and customer is in their relationship with their brand and how best to maximize lifetime value.

Any organization can develop a compelling marketing campaign, but without a powerful tool that executes elaborate ideas with nurturing in mind, the campaign remains an unprofitable intention. Not only do organizations need a tool that executes and nurtures, they also need a tool that measures results to determine growth.

Marketing has proven to be a significant revenue generator, and the best way to get results is by sending timely and targeted communications based on a pre-planned roadmap that can be regularly evaluated and modified. ROI’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing platform allows for not only the execution and modification of nurturing campaigns, but also the measurement of growth. But first things first, let’s discuss what comes after the plan and before the results.

ROI’s Campaign Builder is an extremely intuitive and efficient feature of the overall Customer Lifecycle Marketing platform. The Campaign Builder offers a canvas view, among many other functionalities, which streamlines the construction of automated drip campaigns and allows users to nurture the right way based on real-time customer activities. The intuitive nature of the Campaign Builder gives users the opportunity to visually build out campaign flows, offering an overall picture of how individual efforts work together to make an impressive nurturing campaign.

“The single graphically laid out view of a campaign in the new Campaign Builder makes creating drips and follow up tactics much more intuitive. The new, natural language labeling and prompts allow for confusion-free tactic scheduling. That coupled with the new validation of tactics prior to launch has created a much more proactive product.” – Chris Theisen, director of digital communication for FlexPAC

“Much more easy to organize things when you can see where they are and what they affect.  I like the ability to visualize what is going on on the canvas, the easier drip campaigns, and connectors.” – Kevin See, senior marketing analyst for MS Companies

With ROI’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing platform, campaigns can be created quickly, changes to existing campaigns made easily, and the overall effort required to maintain many automated nurturing campaigns can become an engaging and even profitable experience. Looking beyond the campaign starts with adopting a customer lifecycle marketing nurturing strategy and implementing that strategy successfully.

To learn more about ROI’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing platform, watch this video.