Go Above and Beyond to Keep Subscribers & Repeat Customers Engaged

Repeat Customers

Customer retention is the lifeblood of many organizations, especially those that offer subscription based services or depend on repeat customers.

It’s no secret that customers won’t come back if they don’t feel like they’re getting a good value for their money. In today’s hyper-competitive and interconnected world, value is often measured by the quality of the communication and the relationship the marketer establishes with customers.

Social media can play a major role, allowing marketers to connect with customers and keep them engaged. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most common channels, but regardless of where you engage customers, it’s imperative to focus on authentic human contact. More and more buyers seek out relevant content like authentic reviews before making a purchase. They’re also more likely to discuss their options with others before making a final purchasing decision.

A great example of this is G2 Crowd, a software review platform, that gathers reviews from actual users of a particular software company. The user is asked to answer a series of short answer type questions which then become visible on the specific software company’s profile page. To ensure credibility of the review, G2 Crowd even requires the user to have a profile that’s connected to their LinkedIn account. This allows those looking into purchasing a software platform to see what real people said; they can even get in touch with the user if they wish.

This type of interaction stands above standard engagement like monthly emails, direct mailers, white papers, contests and more. Multiple initiatives help businesses fully involve their customers and keep them engaged enough to not stray. Creating fiercely loyal customers turns them into brand advocates who will spread the word about your company, helping to build a sustainable and renewable client base.

Often, success depends on grabbing the customer’s attention and convincing them to commit to some form of initial buy-in. Automated solutions, like a triggered email can help provide customers with information, resources and instructions up front and on the spot.

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