How to Make Customer Engagement Count

While most professionals understand the need to engage the customer, very few actually manage to get it right. Whether you are interacting with your customers via social media, live chat, customized emails, or phone calls, successful customer engagement depends on the following three factors:

Relevance: The key to successful customer engagement is the relevance of the message. For instance, there is no point in taking the effort to keep a young unmarried customer engaged on honeymoon offers or baby care products. On the other hand, taking an effort to know more about the customer and providing a special wedding offer as his marriage date looms near would be more appropriate.

Timing: Just as the overall success of an individual depends on being at the right place at the right time, successful customer engagement requires the company to reach out to the customer at the right time and at the right location. Much of this may depend on chance, and some to careful planning. For instance, a promotional mailing reaching the customer just as he is considering purchasing the same product invariably seals the deal. However, careful planning based on customer metrics is critical as well. For instance, sending a promotional offer or a special discount on diamond jewelry just before the customer’s anniversary increases the likelihood of a sale.

Pacing: Many companies make the mistake of going overboard with engaging with the customer, to the extent that it becomes spam. For instance, once-in-a-while special offers or updates attract attention, but a daily mail or SMS invariably gets deleted without a second glance, no matter how attractive the offer inside.

Being aware and mindful of these factors will increase your chances of closing a sale and will keep your brand top of mind for future client purchases. Remember that quality is better than quantity; taking the time and energy to ensure that all of these factors are aligned with your customer needs will help you in the long-run.