Integrating Email and Social Media

Marketers traditionally tend to push their products or the brand through email. They may get a few conversions, but a fair amount of those emails invariably wind up in spam folders. When it comes to social media, the mass “blitzkrieg” approach may be counterproductive. Recipients generally view blanket marketing efforts as spam, or even outright offensive. Instead, marketers are adapting social media strategies to try and pique the prospect’s interest through interaction. This engagement is designed to get a response, which in turn leads to more conversions.

In today’s hyper-competitive and inter-connected age prospects engage with marketers across multiple platforms. That means constantly tweaking marketing approaches to better engage with prospects where they live online.
Integrating different approaches into email marketing can yield multiple benefits. It ensures consistency of the marketing message and allows marketers to reap rich dividends when engaging prospects throughout the marketing lifecycle. The marketing message also spreads wider and faster by adopting such an approach.
The obvious way to forge integration is by adding social media links at the email footer. Of late, many marketers also provide links that allow the prospects to share the message through their social media accounts.
Another approach is to take the initiative and link content from the email to the popular social media forums and other “watering holes” relevant to the industry. The trick is to syndicate the message to ensure that it reaches the right audience. The right audience is anyone actively looking for the products and services you;re offering. One way to do this is by posting messages in online forums and community boards.
Taking multiple marketing approaches lets you amplify content across the social-sphere, and ultimately extend the reach of simple email. It also serves to zero-in on key influencers, by identifying valuable trends like, who shared the content, what users are saying about the offer, and how well it is received across different social networks.