Learn about ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ for!

The ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ for AppExchange solution enables marketers to easily score, segment, schedule, trigger, and deploy a series of communications and follow up actions with Leads and Contacts as they move through the customer lifecycle.

  • Lead Scoring – Configure scoring weights and values for each type of tactic and response
  • Automate multi-step campaigns using multiple communication channels, pushing all relevant activity back into
  • Visualize where Leads and Contacts are in the lifecycle
  • Automate the creation of Tasks based on customer engagement

Unlike conventional marketing automation solutions which typically focus on lead acquisition, ROI focuses on the individual buyer and how you can effectively communicate with them regardless of where they are in their relationship with the organization.

The patent-pending technology and methodology behind the ROI Lifecycle Map™ dynamically charts each buyer in the customer lifecycle based on their profile and engagement level in each distinct lifecycle stage. As a result, ROI uniquely enables you to visually identify and act on opportunities to cultivate deeper, more engaged relationships.

ROI works with the Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited versions of, and also works for those organizations utilizing the Person Account setup. To learn more about the ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ for AppExchange solution, please visit our certified listing on the AppExchange.