How Indy Tech Companies are Building Customer Relationships

Building Customer Relationships

Uber. A word that has been established in the minds of travelers whether they are traveling from the suburbs to downtown, or to the airport. It has taken Indianapolis by storm.

Uber is an app that you download on your phone, allowing you to connect with a driver in minutes. The driver will then pick you up and drop you off at your desired destination. You don’t need to carry cash; you pay with the app, which links to your credit card. Indianapolis has adopted this new technology as an easier way for people to get to their destinations without having to drive, and it allows them to pay quickly and efficiently.

Another type of technology that Indianapolis has adopted is BlueIndy, which you can now see all around the metropolitan area. BlueIndy requires you to visit a station, signup for a membership, and then you are free to take the car to any station near your destination.

Both forms of transportation not only provide a convenient way to travel around cities, but they cater to the needs of their consumers as well. They are building customer relationships throughout the entire buyer journey.

Take Uber for example; not only do they allow riders to split fares equally amongst themselves, but they also take the power of the customer review very seriously. At the end of a ride, if a customer had a bad experience, they can contact Uber and receive discounts or refunds for poor rides (a technique that drives higher customer retention rates). For those who have never used the app, they offer the incentive of a free first ride as well.

On the other hand, BlueIndy (being so new) is working on educating the public on what their service is and how it works. With much of the public falling into the “potential customer” or “new customer” stage of their buying process, they are offering 6 months of membership free if you register today, as well as trips up to 2 hours for only $10 dollars until November. These deals are a great technique for nurturing potential customers who may need a little extra push to try out the service.

Overall, Indianapolis has gained more recognition for being a tech savvy place – with additional jobs appearing in the tech industry, and college graduates knowing more about these endeavors as they search for jobs. With the city gaining more technology-based activity (such as Uber and BlueIndy), it is becoming a very user friendly city that’s effectively building customer relationships.

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