The Surprising Side of Google+ for Business

Google+ for Business

As marketers, it’s our duty to have a social media presence. The company, various branches of the brand, the CEO, and often the communications team all need a platform to share timely and relevant updates with their audience. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have steadily remained the most popular platforms for B2B and B2C companies; however, Google+ is giving them a run for their money. If you haven’t considered Google+ for business, here are two very compelling reasons why it’s worth more than a passing glance.

  1. It’s owned by Google. Google+ is directly linked to Google Search. This alone will help you improve search rankings.
  2. Your audience may be waiting for you there. With over 300 million active monthly users, Google+ is continually ranked in the top five social media sites worldwide.

The Future of Google+

It’s not lost on marketers that Google+ launched with a ton of fanfare, but has struggled over the years to compete with other networks such as Facebook.

On May 28, 2015, Vice President of Google Photos and Streams Bradley Horowitz spoke at a briefing with reporters during Google’s annual developer conference indicating changes were coming to Google+:

“What I can commit to is the same level of product diligence on Google+,” Horowitz said, adding that Google+ has an “excellent” team behind it.

While Google+ isn’t the most popular social network, it can certainly do a lot for businesses wanting to be found. Google has committed to strengthening the network and if the past provides any indication, there will only be good things to come for Google+.

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