4 Tips to Brighten Your Holiday Campaign

With the holidays in full swing and a shopping season incomparable to any other point of the year, it’s a priority to be the most recognized and talked about holiday campaign—The Rudolph of all reindeers, or the WestJet of all airlines. No one wants to get lost in the New York blizzard-sized heaps of holiday campaigns, ads and emails. However, sometimes it’s remembering the little things that go a long way. Below are four tips to help you make the most of your campaign this holiday season.

  1. The holidays are a great time to refocus the objectives of your progressive profiling campaigns. Take full advantage of your forms and the interchangeable smart field capabilities in order to collect data regarding customer interests. In doing so, you will be able to efficiently send more targeted messaging to individuals regarding deals on, say, their favorite smartphone or Sony products. Collecting this additional information during this high seasonal buying period also provides you with more adequate information to build off of for the upcoming New Year.
  2. Strategically segment your email lists. Rather than sending one mass holiday email to all of your subscribers, use information you’ve gathered regarding engagement and interaction levels to send more targeted messages to individuals in different purchasing stages. For instance, this year Amazon sent their Prime members an early access deal, which allowed those with Prime accounts to be the first to access special offers for a limited period of time. On the other hand, Amazon went after their less engaged buyers by sending its “non-Prime” members emails that listed the reasons, benefits, and incentives of becoming a participant.
  3. Make your content mobile friendly. Nearly one third of consumers say they’d like to receive a holiday deal via their mobile device. That should come as no surprise after last year’s holiday season in which 52% of online smartphone shoppers used their phones throughout the shopping process (Google and Ipsos Media CT, 2014). Mobile viewing has spiked drastically throughout the past few years, therefore it’s important to have an effective mobile design. Emails and websites that are not user-friendly or responsive, are like spoiled eggnog: disposed of or pushed to the back of the fridge.
  4. Take advantage of the holidays in terms of growing your mailing lists. With holiday deals and a greater likelihood to spend, a lot more people are browsing your website and social media accounts. Use this as an opportunity to create sign-up forms and mailing lists for your audience to easily become a part of. Their voluntary sign-up for certain products or promotions is a good way to increase the size of your mailing list, while learning more about your customer’s interests.

Beyond generating the most buzz or company recognition for your creative holiday campaign, it’s important to remember the unseen strategic details behind your operation. After all, Santa Claus wouldn’t be a big name without the planning and hard work of his elves.

Happy holidays and may your campaigns shine as bright as the Griswold home!