Introducing Student Lifecycle Marketing

student enrollment admissionsIn a recent Inside Higher Ed article, Ry Rivard revealed,

Admissions officials in a recent survey said, on average, they try to contact each prospective applicant 6.6 times. All told, admissions offices at four-year colleges spend about $2,500 per enrollee on recruitment office and marketing costs, according to Eduventures, a research and consulting firm.

That’s a lot of money to be spending on just one student per enrollment period, especially when you consider spring 2013 enrollments decreased, compared to the previous spring, in every sector except four-year private nonprofits.

This begs the question: How can admissions personnel better reach prospective students and decrease the amount of money they’re spending in marketing costs? 

Student lifecycle marketing offers valuable insights into the journey students take with your school from the time they first indicate an interest in your institution through degree or certificate completion.

Consider this: What if you knew who your “ideal” student was? The student most likely to apply, enroll, stay and complete their degree or certification on time. With student lifecycle marketing, colleges and universities can increase the enrollment of these students by identifying the prospective students who are the best fit and most engaged at each stage of their enrollment journey.

With this critical data, schools can…

  • Increase campus visits
  • Improve communication
  • Save money on direct mail costs
  • Fill specialty programs (online, MBA, adult education, nursing, etc)

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