The Need to Create a Positive Buzz

Positive Buzz

Competitive pressures force marketers to launch sophisticated campaigns to generate, nurture and convert leads. However, many marketers ignore or underestimate the need to create a positive buzz. Creating a positive buzz means a favorable word of mouth opinion. This, more often than not, requires being nice and doing the obvious: providing awesome customer service!

Providing value for money and topping it off with impeccable support is the foundation on which being “nice” rests. But there are other crucial metrics that customers use to decide whether or not the company they engage with is “nice.”

Change the Approach

Most marketers pass on leads to sales when the prospect is ready to convert. A new team takes over to engage the customer. The warmth of the lead nurturing phase may change to a formalized and mechanized sales process.

Organizations need to ensure consistency across the various stage of the customer’s interaction with the company. One option would be to break away from the silo culture and integrate marketing and sales. Another option is better coordination among teams and ensuring a consistent set of shared values and behaviors across the board. Make sure the client knows who their contacts are – who is my account manager? Who do I talk to about support?

Proactive Customer Service

Consider taking the initiative to contact the customer just to check in, even when the customer does not contact the customer service. Similarly, consider contacting the customer to ask them whether they are satisfied with the service. Is there anything that your company could improve on? Feedback is a great source of marketing research to improve your service. These engagement initiatives are a sure way to make the customer think of the brand in a good light.

Organizations have to consider customer service as an investment rather than a cost. Great customer service goes a lot farther than a customized email campaign. After all, people do business with people, not businesses.

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