Right On Interactive: A Customer-Centric Business


At ROI, we have a passion for delivering excellent customer service. We don’t just listen to the customer, we strive to understand them. We aim to give substance and expand upon the “WHY” first, in order to answer the “HOW” appropriately. Before the “how” is executed prematurely, ROI’s customer support and consultation efforts promote long-term success strategies. Our attempts to be a customer-centric organization have not gone unnoticed, and when asked “what do you like best” about ROI, our customers had rave reviews in G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform.

The level of attention and service we’ve received from Right On Interactive is unsurpassed. 1/9/15

Skip Lyford – PERQ

The customer success team is awesome. Whatever you need done, they will support you. ROI understands the customer. 4/9/15

Lan Chu – Restaurants on the Run, a division of GrubHub

Customer service and support team has been phenomenal. They made deployment a painless process. [I] felt they completely understood our direction and marketing focus. 2/13/15

Anthony Akin – IBT Industrial Solutions

[ROI] offers an incredible level of customer support. They not only help implement our ideas, they are constantly bringing new and innovative ideas of their own to the table for us to consider. I consider Right On Interactive a key partner in our success. 9/26/14

Dale Spence – Stoops, A division of Truck Country

Right On Interactive has continually provided us with superior service! They were honest and transparent throughout the sales and onboarding process, and they have played a vital role in helping us achieve record-breaking results with our new email campaigns. 2/18/15

Corey Eyler – The College Network

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