Using Audience Segmentation for Better Engagements

Among the various marketing communication strategies in place, audience segmentation has proven very effective in delivering relevant communication or the right communication to the right people. Delivering communication that people really care about improves engagement and increase conversion rates.

Audience segmentation is in essence harvesting the data on hand to profile the intended audience of the communication, usually clients or prospects. There is no hard and fast rule regarding how to segment. One company, may for instance, regard prospects who respond to an invitation to download a whitepaper as being interested in the technical know-how of the product and choose to send them notifications on technical updates or seminars. Another company may consider the same action as a trigger to move the prospect up in the marketing lifecycle and enhance their engagement with them. Still others may segment prospects in the database based on their geographical location to send them special offers or information about upcoming webinars in the region.

Combining such segmentation with automated feeds helps to track the effectiveness of the intervention better. For instance, an automatic alert when the target opens the message helps in tracking the success of the message and fine tune it to increase its effectiveness.

What tools are you using to segment your customers? *Are* you segmenting your customers for better results?