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How to Effectively Manage Email Bounces

You craft an email, select your target audience or segment and schedule it to send, fully expecting every member of the segment will receive your communication. By taking the right steps to improve deliverability, you feel confident that your message will make it to the inbox. However, when you check your send’s deliverability stats you […]

The Need for an Email Preference Center

email preference center

Email is the preferred method of commercial communication of 74% of all online adults and is preferred over direct mail by a margin of nearly five to one. So why do people unsubscribe from receiving your email communications? Unfortunately, there are some well known reasons why prospects and maybe even customers (gasp!) are clicking “unsubscribe” from […]

Overcoming Email Deliverability Obstacles

In a past life, I worked on an email campaign geared towards a very broad audience. Today, I would describe it as a batch and blast approach (shudder) but at the time, it was the directive our team of writers and designers was given by the powers above. The message was simple. In fact, it […]