Multi-Channel Marketing for Dummies

multi-channel marketing

Hey marketers! Do you think you’ve got this whole “marketing” thing down? Is something missing from your marketing scope? Helping to identify the use of technology and automatic media platforms is a problem commonly found amongst marketers. What can be frustrating sometimes for marketers is interacting with customers in a way that is easy for both you and the customer. So, what’s the solution? Here’s an idea: multi-channel marketing can be the most appropriate way to integrate marketing and sales amidst customers.

Let’s begin with the basics, and ask the “5 W’s and 1 H” of multi-channel marketing-

WHO? Who Uses It
Marketers who truly wish to reach their customers – both in numbers and in variety of channels – should investigate in strategizing across multiple communication channels.

WHAT? What is it
Multi-channel marketing is the ability to interact with current and potential clients on various platforms. For example, a channel could be a print ad, retail location, website, email, promotional event, or even word of mouth.

WHERE? Where is it Used
Knowing where your customers are is crucial. Understanding that your customers are everywhere will allow you to better plan, and achieve your platform goals.

WHEN? When is it Used
It is extremely important to create and maintain a consistent view of your brand across all channels. Similar marketing messages should be used persistently throughout all platform channels to create a cohesive journey for your target audience.

WHY? Why is it Used
In order to interact with customers, marketers should use a combination of direct and indirect communication channels- such as websites, retail stores, mail order catalogs, websites, and emails. By allowing for customer response, multi-channel marketing allows for choice, and therefore allows for more sales.

HOW? How is it Used
Multi-channel marketing can be achieved by including processes and technology that support these 5 terms: campaign management, advanced analytics, advanced execution, response attribution, and digital marketing. By establishing a strong platform, you’ll be able to integrate traditional and emerging channels.

We have seen how multi-channel marketing is not only an effective way to streamline your marketing tactics, but also to adhere your brand across a variety of channels. So, next time you’re feeling defeated, and need a “pick-me-up” – check out multi-channel marketing and how it can help your customer interaction.