Introducing a Content Swap with Raidious

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raidious content swapFrom time to time, Right On Interactive publishes and shares content from our clients, partners and external subject matter experts. Not only do we learn something from our contributors, but we believe their knowledge, news and opinions are informative and entertaining. It’s with this in mind that I’m proud to announce our latest “content swap” with our partner and fellow Indianapolis-based organization, Raidious.

Raidious works like CNN for brands

Raidious makes, manages, monitors, moderates and measures content across all of a brand’s owned media. They “make the content that makes digital marketing work.”

What to expect from the content swap

Beginning next week, Right On will be publishing one blog post every week from our friends at Raidious through the middle of March. In turn, they will be publishing some of our content on their blog as well. We’re excited to share their insights and expertise with you and hope you’ll take the time to learn more about them and how we work together.

I encourage you to get to know Raidious. In fact, I recommend starting with their 2014 Marketing Predictions blog post. Be prepared for some fantastic insights and a few laughs.


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