5 Ways to Warm up Cold Leads

warm up cold leads

As a marketer you’ve probably seen it before: The old vanishing act. A lead that showed promise gradually becomes unresponsive, and goes cold. Next thing you know, it’s disappeared. In this article, learn five ways to warm up cold leads.

There are plenty of reasons why this might happen. If you put yourself in a customer’s shoes, you’ll know that life is busy and full of distractions. Your offer might simply have slipped out of mind, while they were chasing another online “butterfly,” or they might be waiting for the right time, or weighing up the options.

How can marketing automation help you rekindle the fires of interest? What follows are five tactics that have proven most effective.

Warm up Cold Leads

Share Evergreen Content on Your Blog

Evergreen content, by definition, is always going to be interesting. It’s not breaking news, nor is it a temporary fad or trend. This kind of content, by its very nature, will draw visitors for years to come. So when you’re designing this kind of content for your blog, make sure you’re addressing a potential customer’s burning issues, and include ideas that stand the test of time.

The great thing about this kind of content is that you can create it once, and then gradually share it in stages through an email marketing campaign.

Use Drip Tactics

Professional gardeners use drip irrigation systems to save water and nurture their plants – it’s efficient, cost-effective and it works.

This may have been the inspiration for drip marketing tactics to warm up cold leads. Just like gardening, the secret is in timing, consistency and care. You don’t want to flood your customers with too much content too soon, and you don’t want them to forget you either. Bi-weekly or monthly messages kept short and to the point will usually do the trick.

Keep Your Landing Pages Fresh

If that prospect makes the split-second decision to click through to your landing page, what reward will he find? In order to fan those embers of interest into a blaze, you’ll need to make the user experience on your landing page worthwhile.

Landing pages that are cluttered, confusing, or that take too long to scan aren’t as effective as compact, crisp pages with clear links to useful resources. The best landing page examples have a clear, immediately understandable message, and are focused on one primary CTA.

Investigate the Reasons for the Problem

Some aspects of human behavior might be forever wrapped in mystery – like why we laugh, for example. But discovering the reason for a lead losing interest doesn’t have to remain a mystery.

It might be as simple as a direct, personal chat, or just a little common sense, or even a friendly survey in an email message. Whichever route you choose, finding the answer to this question will help you fine-tune your marketing machine, and avoid the mistakes in future.

Remind Them about What They’re Missing

Nobody likes to miss out, so when sharing content, promoting deals or bragging about your company’s achievements, why not make use of the fear of missing out (FOMO)? Eye-catching images, and attention-grabbing headlines can be just the right remedy for warming up cold leads.   For example:

“Hey [Client Name], here’s what you may have missed on our blog while you were away…”

Just because your lead has gone ‘cold’ doesn’t mean that it’s a lost cause. There are ways to warm them up again, with a little care, some personal attention, and of course, leveraging the power of marketing automation.