Why Your Customers are Your Most Valuable Marketing Assets

The Urban Dictionary (A highly professional, definitive source) defines, “Marketing,” as, “Origin unknown. Purpose unknown. States the obvious, accepts all credit, rejects all blame.” Do you agree with this definition? I know a lot of people feel that marketing is nothing more than lies or fabrications that companies tell us to convince us to buy their products. Marketing is fluffy branding. Marketing provides little return on investment. Successful marketing requires seemingly unlimited ad spending. How can marketing be anything more than what Company A is trying to make Consumer B think?

I am here to tell you that marketing can and should be more than fluffy taglines, and I want to share with you how this is possible with real life examples. We are in the midst of the, “Age of the Consumer.” In this, “Age,” branding is what consumers say about your brand, NOT what you say about your brand. Which means that your first order of business is building a base of raving, happy, customers for life. The second step is making sure that these people are comfortable and satisfied enough to share their thoughts on your product and services with the rest of the world! Campaigns that feature case studies, customer quotes, and/or customer success data are far more powerful than a company simply saying how great their products are.

Right On Interactive has found itself in the news several times recently. I want to share these with you as examples of customer centric marketing, but I think it’s important that you hear about a couple highlights that our team is pretty excited about as well!

G2 Crowd is one of the most popular business software review sites with over 44,500 customer reviews written. G2 Crowd breaks the marketing automation software category into several different tiers based on satisfaction and market presence. In its most recent industry report (with another due by the end of 2015), Right On Interactive was rated a “High Performer” due to its average customer review score ofcustomers 4.74 out of 5! Check out our customer review page here plus a few customer quotes below.

“The potential for this product is endless. There are so many different options ranging from a simple one and done campaign to an intricate drip campaign that covers every scenario you could ever dream of.”

“There are so many things that I like about ROI. I really value the ROI team. They’re good people to work with every step of the way (customer friendly and very focused on helping us achieve success).”

Switching gears to a different source of media attention, we come to Owler, a competitive intelligence tool for business professionals. Owler consistently rolls out different polls and competitive analysis charts and graphs. A recent poll asked consumers and employees alike to rank industry CEOs based on activity and performance. We are proud to say that our CEO, Troy Burk, attained the top rating in the industry with an approval rating of 90%! Troy was rated higher than CEOs at companies such as Hubspot, Act On, and Pardot. Congratulations, Troy!


Finally, is Right On Interactive’s appearance in Forbes. In an article titled, “How a 5-letter Word Made Indianapolis a National Tech Hub,” writer Matt Hunckler shares his thoughts on the growing tech landscape in Indianapolis. When speaking of these growing companies, Hunckler states, “There’s Troy Burk and his powerful marketing automation software, Right On Interactive.” This article mentions companies such as ExactTarget and Compendium alongside ROI, high praise if you ask me!

The great Paul Brown once stated, “When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less.” Although I certainly agree with this statement in that it calls on us to be humble in all that we do, I believe modern marketers can tweak the application slightly. Perhaps, “When you win, occasionally let others know what your customers say. When you lose, it’s time to take better care of your current customers.”