The Drip Marketing Initiative to Nurture Prospects Provides Multiple Benefits

An average prospect does not convert until they receive a marketer’s message 29 times. Multistep drip campaigns work wonders to educate and nurture prospects and move them closer to conversion over time.

Success of drip marketing depends on the marketer proactively delivering information that the prospect expects at a given stage in the lifecycle marketing process, rather than wait for the customer to initiate such a request.

A perquisite for such a drip campaign is a marketing automation solution that identifies the stage of the prospect in the marketing lifecycle, determines what exactly such prospect would like to receive, and provide the same through the prospect’s preferred channel. For instance, the drip campaign may send out an email to prospects providing information that previous leads has asked or wanted to know at a similar stage in the marketing lifecycle phase.

Apart from the obvious benefits of keeping the customer engaged and satisfied, such an initiative helps to cut down marketing costs and increase efficiency considerably. For instance, automated emails that fulfill the prospect’s need without the prospect having to call customer support reduces the marker’s workload, and may lead to the direct savings of a call center agent’s salary and indirect benefits of freeing up the marketer’s time for core activities.

Success of such a proactive drip initiative depends on selecting the preferred medium among email, face-to-face meetings, voicemail or anything else, and also determining the optimal period between contacts. For instance, daily emails may soon become a nuisance that prompts the prospect to unsubscribe or worse, report spam.

How can you use drip marketing to increase your conversion?