Marketers Look at Teleprospecting to Nurture Leads

Marketers who engage in prospecting, nurturing and conversion should take another look at teleprospecting.

Optimizing one’s use of time is a priority for today’s marketers who are hard pressed to deliver results. One of the biggest time drainers is engaging with tons of generated leads. While the need to engage and nurture with leads to convert them is obvious, a vast majority of the leads do not convert, meaning that the marketer’s time and effort is wasted.

Many marketers have found a workaround by outsourcing the task of basic engagement. Just as the marketers determine when a prospect is sales ready and move them to the sales team, the outsourced team teleprospects with leads, and moves them up as potential leads for the marketer to engage directly.

Traditionally marketers applied teleprospecting as another touch point, along with blogs, ads, emails, etc. to drive people to an event, attend a webinar, or visit a website for more information. Today’s teleprospector tries to sell the next step of the engagement process in a customized way. Marketers use the intelligence procured by the teleprospector to further score leads on their sales readiness and make the appropriate interventions. The teleprospector engages with the prospect in a constructive and personalized way, and, very often in the process, allows the prospect to self-discover a latent need. Of course, for this to succeed the teleprospector has to be equipped with clear information on the prospect and a correct understanding on what the marketer is trying to achieve.

In a way, your marketing automation software is an extension of teleprospecting. Your teleprospector can use the marketing automation software to track and score the leads they procure, while letting you focus on closing the sale and converting more leads.

Still cautious about teleprospecting?