Solving the Marketing Conundrum – If You’re Not Using Marketing Automation, You’re Asking to Fail

Marketing automation software is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity.

In the past, justifying the expense of a marketing solution wasn’t always an easy task for CMOs. But, the advancement of solutions in the marketplace today offer more cost-efficient and result-driven tools. This, coupled with the need to increase revenue with fewer resources, has made implementation a priority.

In the B2B world, especially, organizations not yet utilizing marketing automation software are risking failure. In Forrester’s recent report B2B Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2012, their surveys show that “19% of B2B organizations are planning to implement marketing automation in 2012, and another 17% are expanding their usage.” The reasons for the shift are simple: Increased marketplace competition, better solutions and user interfaces, and the need for better results have pushed companies to implement a different approach.

Even organizations in industries typically slower to adopt software platforms are beginning to implement marketing automation solutions. “In 2012, 20% of manufacturers, 20% of financial services firms, and 18% of business and professional services firms plan to implement automation” (Forrester, B2B Marketing Trends and Prediction for 2012). This increase can be seen across the board – the marketing world is shifting to adopt more effective strategies based on innovative methodologies. Right On believes it’s all about the engagement – the personal relationships that lead to increased sales.

Forrester supports the claim that in 2012 marketing automation is poised to go beyond its use as an engine for email marketing automation – I can certainly see this trend coming. It takes more than sending batch ‘n’ blast emails and measuring basic tracking metrics to produce results and make sure your sales and marketing teams are on the same page. Evaluate your customer engagement model and allow your marketing automation solution of choice to not only serve as the tactical driver, but the strategic partner in growing your business.

Is your business poised to meet growing expectations? Without marketing automation software, you’re playing a very risky hand.

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