ROI Introduces New Lifecycle Content Marketing Whitepaper

Lifecycle Content Marketing

Do you find yourself struggling to connect with your audience because you lack the appropriate content variety types? Right On Interactive is now introducing its latest whitepaper: The Complete Guide For Lifecycle Content Marketing!

While 78% of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing (DemandMetric), many marketers are still sending the same information to all individuals within their database. With an abundance of information at customer fingertips, this means every person is at a different point in their relationship with a brand. For instance, while one person may be ready to buy, another may need education regarding your company, or the extensiveness of your product line.

Lack of custom or personalized content can result in unengaged relationships and ultimately determine whether or not a prospect becomes a customer.

With this whitepaper, marketers will receive insight into what lifecycle marketing is, the typical B2B lifecycle stages, and the types of content that moves prospects and customers through a more engaged and rewarding relationship.

Other highlights include:

  • Step-by-step break down of each lifecycle stage
  • Tips for capturing leads and contact information throughout the content marketing process
  • How you can recycle and update old content
  • Complementary infographic

Lifecycle Content Marketing has the potential to grow and expand content marketing efforts for any business type. Sign up here for your free downloadable PDF of this new whitepaper!