Increase Brand Visibility to Drive Retention

In the age of hyper-competition, retention counts. When prospects can relate to a brand or associate something positive with it, they will respond to an engagement initiative.

Delivering top notch service and engaging the customers on their terms is vital. But, marketers also have to go all out to ensure that the brand lingers in the mind of the prospect. This depends on profiling the customer base, understanding what they like and dislike, and positioning the brand and engagement based on the likes.

The next step is to increase visibility where it matters most. estimates that sixty two percent of customers use digital media before they make a purchase. Four out of five smart phone users check product information and track down special offers before a purchase. Are you being found in searches and creating a space online so that your potential customers can check your information?

Marketers need to enhance this trend by creating visibility in the digital space. One example is coupons and special offers. 40 percent of customers who search for product information on digital media also look for special offers. For prospective buyers who are successful in finding coupons in a search, a favorable experience is created in the prospect’s mind.

When creating visibility, visual representation works better than other forms of representation. As the adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Visuals communicate emotional power and hammer the idea into the minds of the consumers. Are you promoting visually appealing and compelling content that ignites your potential customers?

The importance of doing these things is to continually provide the prospect with a favorable or positive experience. Every step, communication, and touch point should do this in order to keep your prospects in the sales cycle. Are all of your touch points doing this for potential customers?

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