Benefits of Automated Marketing Solutions

Many marketers consider crunching numbers a drag. It takes away time from the “front” where they can engage with customers and generate more sales. However, metrics and reporting are unavoidable. Without these mission-critical pieces of information, the marketer cannot keep track of their work or measure the success of their strategies.

Marketing Automation solutions provide an answer to this pressing problem. A good automated reporting and analysis suite integrates with the other marketing and sales systems in use, and provides marketers with valuable insight and reports that will aid their work instead of adding to their already huge list of to-dos.

Such a suite would apply analytics and metrics to help the marketer, among other things, to:

·         Identify the prospects engaged most or least, most at-risk prospects, prospects most likely to convert and classify prospects in many different ways

·         Provide the marketer with prospect wise history of contacts or engagement

·         Provide detailed report on marketing campaigns, time wise, campaign wise or in many other possible combinations. For instance, querying on year-to-date lead generation performance would provide the results of all actions taken during the period, such as emails sent, and the effectiveness or results of such campaigns.

·         Provide graphs and tables to summarize key performance indicators and allow both marketers and top management understand the scenario in one glance without having to rake up data to find out what is going on. This may also include snapshots on marketing campaign results, such as performance of email campaign, with ability to delve deeper into any particular data

The ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing solution offers robust reporting and analysis capabilities that address these and other challenges that marketers run into every day.

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