Drive and track engagement with foursquare.

ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ helps organizations win new business, keep current customers and grow the right relationships. We do this through a solution that drives and tracks engagement for both prospects and customers through a variety of mediums. And, you can officially add foursquare to that list.

foursquare is integrated with our lifecycle marketing automation solution, which means marketers can engage people and score their activity in real-time based on their geographic location, as reflected by the foursquare application.

How do you use Right On Interactive’s lifecycle marketing solution with foursquare? Here’s a simple use case:

  • When an individual checks into a location or venue using foursquare, our platform can automatically send a targeted email containing personalized messages and offers, based on where they’re checking in to and what other attractions are nearby.

Or, here’s another more advanced scenario:

  • A marketer can target individuals to include in campaigns based on the latitude and longitude of their foursquare check-ins. For example, if a frequent shopper has opted-in to receive information from their favorite retail store, when he or she checks into the store for the fiftieth time, the retail store can send an email thanking the customer for his or her business and include a coupon to encourage them to keep shopping.

The final golden nugget of our integration with foursquare is the solution’s ability to incorporate foursquare activity in its lead scoring. This allows marketers to assign points when a prospect or customer friends them on foursquare and when they check in to a location.

Stay tuned for more news on social integrations with the ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ solution!