Gleanster shows ROI some love.

Right On Interactive received top rankings in the recently published Gleanster Marketing Automation report. This report reviewed all major solutions in the marketing automation space. Through polling of over 300 organizations, Gleanster focused in on the main drivers of success for these organizations including top reasons why organizations are now looking to implement comprehensive marketing automation solutions.

One of the most intriguing recent trends was that organizations are realizing one of the main reasons they see a need to implement a solution is not just to nurture more or better leads, but to truly drive bottom line revenue growth. Driving bottom line revenue growth – from an organization’s prospect and customer base – has been the focus of ROI’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ strategy.

To learn more, take a look at our recent blog post, request a demo or visit Gleanster to download your personal copy of the Gleansight Marketing Automation report.