Organizations interested in implementing a digital marketing software to assist in the execution and reporting of email marketing campaigns are likely to be introduced to Silverpop, an IBM company. Founded in 1999 in Atlanta, Ga., Silverpop was acquired by IBM on April 10, 2014.

The company’s SaaS offering, Silverpop Engage, is an on-demand digital marketing platform for email marketing and marketing automation. Key features include Send Time Optimization, which analyzes recipient behavior on a rolling basis to predict ideal email delivery time for each email address in a list, and Snooze, a capability that allows users to give recipients the ability to refrain from receiving email marketing communications from a company for a specific time frame instead of unsubscribing indefinitely.

Silverpop customers are comprised more of B2C organizations but the company caters to both B2B and B2C markets. The company also retains some SMB customers, however its ideal market is more middle market and enterprise organizations with multiple-person marketing departments. Silverpop can be a stepping stone solution for companies that have outgrown their standalone email service provider or limited marketing automation platform.

Silverpop pricing is based on a client’s database size (measured in leads or contacts) or email distribution volume. Subscription pricing may be based on the on cost per record within database tiers with additional fees for customer support and optional add-on products, API integration and implementation services. Silverpop customers are charged 10 percent of their monthly fee (capped at $500/month) for customer support.

Most notably, Silverpop integrates with, Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, among other CRM platforms.

Another software company often compared to Silverpop, is Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ company Right On Interactive (ROI). Founded in 2006, Right On Interactive is headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind. and is privately owned.

ROI helps organizations win, keep and grow business. The ROI approach to digital marketing is based on the company’s patented Lifecycle Map and Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ methodology. Unlike other MAP technologies, Right On Interactive focuses on the customer lifecycle to drive revenue instead of lead generation and acquisition tactics.

Customers of Right On Interactive range from B2B to B2C and even B2B2C, including SMBs and Fortune 15 companies. Each utilizes their lifecycle marketing platform via one of its three pricing packages to achieve marketing and sales goals.

Right On Interactive offers three pricing packages to clients based upon their marketing maturity, geared to prepare organizations of all sizes and industries for customer lifecycle marketing:

  • Outreach, for organizations beginning their digital marketing journey, beginning at $5,880 annually;
  • Engagement, beginning at $10,080 annually; and
  • Lifecycle, the flagship offering which begins at $16,800 annually.

ROI Packages include varying capabilities based upon clients’ marketing sophistication. Examples include, but are not limited to, email marketing, web analytics, basic and advanced segmentation, marketing automation, customized forms and landing pages, social media integration, three-dimensional lead and customer scoring, lead and customer nurturing, multi-channel marketing and reporting.

Right On Interactive is a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork and App Exchange, and also integrates with ExactTarget. ROI announced in early 2014 an API for its lifecycle marketing platform. Right On Interactive boasts integrations with most CRM systems and remains “system agnostic” as it can pull data from multiple, disparate systems.

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